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A place to co-design

a regenerative future.


The City 

regen•era Rising Festival

Design Science Studio Projects



The Museum Of Regenerative Art is what would be created if MOMA was born today.

The Village

Rethinking how we live

Design + Science

Agora + 

Bucky's Lab

A place to connect with her.


Art, art and more art

for the planet.

Art District

regen•era Deck

Explore our virtual city and all it's different neighborhoods.

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regen·era Rising is an annual festival to celebrate the arrival of regen•era, a world and story about a floating city that appeared on Earth in 2021 to show us what was possible.

The arrival of the city each year comes along with an entire week of celebrations, talks, workshops and art that showcases the importance of what’s occurring.

It showcases the work of the 144 (r)Evolutionary creators that each year join the coheART of the Design Science Studio. An entire week dedicated to building a world that works for all.

You can access previous festivals and salons here:

Festival Material

In 2021 we launched regen·era to engage thousands of people throughout the next decade and create fictions and stories to model and imagine the world we want to live in.


Along with it, we also launched regen·era rising, a gathering that showcased the work of the 144 visionary creators of the first cohort of the Design Science Studio and an entire week full of talks, debates, immersive experiences and art to build a world that works for all.


We believe in the intangible forces of emergence and in the collective transmutation taking place at the moment. Something attracted you here, and we promise we will make you feel home, but we hope to also inspire you, challenge you, push you, encourage you, enroll you and engage you.


We are now opening the doors of the city to you, so you can use it as your canvas to co-design the future with us. And also access to all talks and wonderful things that happened at the gathering. Hopefully, at some point our futurecasting and backcasting timelines will converge, and we would start living in the future we imagine.

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